Friday, November 9, 2012

School just doesn't seem to want to work out, haha. It's nice having a few days off from all the madness, though. And for that, I have winter storm Athena and hurricane Sandy to thank. I stayed here through both storms and it was nuts. Luckily, the power didn't go out either time, but it was awesome being in an older house (my dorm, Sansbury) during the storms. Because the houses are built for ventilation, the wind was howling but so cool to listen, to. Unfortunately  there wasn't as much rain as I was expecting. Nevertheless, I did what I had to in order to prepare for each storm. In the days before, I got food, water, blankets, anything really that would be necessary in case the power went out. With friends though, through each storm, we watched movies and braved it together (it beats sitting in your room, huh?). We watched lots of movies and everyone came and went as they pleased. Also, we would make breakfast in the community kitchen because we couldn't get to the dining hall. It sort of reminded me of home sitting with my siblings watching movies upon movies until the time came where we could go outside again. Reminding me of home, the storm made Sansbury feel like a second home to me, and even more so, Albertus did too.

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