Monday, October 22, 2012

So, fortunately, this week has been quite busy. This past Monday was my birthday (yay!) and it has been the best that it’s been in a while. And I didn’t expect it to be. Transferring into a new environment is hard to say the least, but the friends that I’ve made here (and the people I knew beforehand) have been really awesome. The social experience has been getting better by the day and everyone is so welcoming; I thought it was going to be much harder. It’s like everyday, I’m meeting a new friend. As well, I’ve found myself knowing something familiar — again, it’s identifying with the small environment that Albertus Magnus has. Everyone knows your face and who you are, they say hi, and smile when you see them. There’s honestly so much to talk about from this past week. Tests, papers, and everything else have kept me from being idle.
On Monday, I got to train for my new position as a tour guide for the Admissions Office. It was my first training session and it was fun, I liked it a lot. As a history major, I find myself looking at everything and thinking, “Wow. Everything big and small has a history”. Albertus Magnus, like New Haven, is a mecca of history. The college was founded in 1925 by the Dominican Sisters and everything — the sisters, the classrooms, the teachers, and all living accommodations were located in what is now Rosary Hall (the library). All buildings (except for the theater, which housed Polo Ponies and Dominican), used to be homes. And that in itself is something to marvel at. The architecture and layout of the homes is extraordinary and to think that people had lived in them is mind-boggling. Walking around during the tour, the history of Albertus Magnus was clearly abundant, but also, it radiated the programs, clubs, and aspects of the College that make it so unique. It’s the first year that Lacrosse is premiering at Albertus, and will be a club sport. However, as of next year it will join the list of the recognized college sports. Everyday, it seems as though something new is happening and the college is constantly taking steps forward and becoming a bigger name. Personally, I think all of it’s just really cool. Well, then. Homework is to be done (that’s something always keeping me on my toes!)

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