Monday, October 22, 2012

This is all a new environment for me. Last year, I attended Southern Connecticut State University and loved it, however it wasn’t the appropriate school for my major — history.
History is something that I love truly and dearly and realized that to continue on with that passion, I needed to be elsewhere. So, like I did my senior year of high school, I looked into becoming a student here at Albertus Magnus College. Thankfully, I made it all the way here and now and living on campus with great classes and everything else that comes with it.
I’ve found for myself that the school has wonderful class sizes (smaller than those at SCSU) and teachers with unique and wonderful personalities; I honestly could not have asked for better. Each teacher recognizes the needs of each student and cares deeply for what they’re doing. The smaller class sizes have really made a difference in how I learn as a student and help me to be more involved and interested in every class. As well, I have wonderful classes that cater to my major and are helping me move forward into my field. Although General Education classes are required, I am still able to take the majority of my classes dealing with History and English (to be my minor hopefully). American Revolution, 19th Century Europe, and Western Civilization are all classes that keep me interested and engaged. I can honestly say whole-heartily that I am more than happy that I have transferred here and plan to stay here through graduation and have found somewhere that I can call a second home.

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